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Returns true if and only if the current test has any failure, either fatal or nonfatal. Performs shared setup for all tests in the test suite. GoogleTest callsSetUpTestSuite() before running the first test in the test suite. Override this to define how to set up the environment.

Put the TEST_P definitions in, which includesfoo_param_test.h. // You can implement all the usual fixture class members here. You have a piece of code whose behavior is affected by one or more command-line flags. You want to make sure your code performs correctly for various values of those flags.

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I could continue to give more examples of dissenting opinions, but this has already gone pretty long. I am starting to get concerned that there isn’t an actual definition, and everybody just makes up their own definition to fit their preconceived notions. If that is the case I’ll just move on, but I’m hoping that isn’t the case, and we can pin down what they actually are. Test Suite on the other hand is an execution unit such as Functional Test, User Acceptance Testing , Integration Test or Regression Test. These Test Suite can have any combination of Test Cases which are required for the corresponding Testing phase.

  • Must be called before RUN_ALL_TESTS() is invoked, otherwise behavior is undefined.
  • is a leading authority on technology, delivering lab-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services.
  • Returns true if and only if the current test has a fatal failure.
  • It includes several kinds of testing, including functional testing and non-functional testing.
  • Several automated testing tools simplify this task, including methods for packaging outdated or invalid tests .

A test case tells the tester what they need to do, in what order and details the outcomes they should expect. It is a sequence of actions necessary to verify a specific functionality or feature of the software. It specifies the prerequisites, post conditions, steps, and data required for feature verification. It can contain any type of tests, viz – functional or Non-Functional.

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If GTEST_FAIL_FAST environment variable or –gtest_fail_fast flag is set, the test runner will stop execution as soon as the first test failure is found. A test case includes test datasets, test steps, and test results. Testing the application’s functionality will use the test dataset.

definition of test suite

It is one of the frequently used term in software application development. It lets you categorize tons of test cases in a way that meets your test planning or analysis needs. For example, you can have a test suite for any of the software applications core features or for a specific type such as smoke, security test suites, and many more. A test script is a detailed line-by-line description containing the steps involved in carrying out the test. Test scripts are the core of automated testing as they are the source of truth for the system to know what action to perform.

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Furthermore, the post also offered practical examples of test suites and test cases, both in a manual and automated testing scenario. In the case of the automated test cases, I’ve shown examples written in JavaScript using the Jest framework. What does a test case look like when it comes to automated testing? Well, it really depends on what type of testing we’re talking about. If we’re talking about end-to-end testing, for instance, a test case could refer to a single testing session capture by a record-and-playback tool. On the other hand, post-condition is a condition that is true after the action is complete, in other words, the outcome of the test case.

definition of test suite

A good test case must be simple and assertive in describing the plan of action for the tester. Understanding the requirements and functionality aspects will help you identify test scenarios and create great test cases. We all accept testing is vital to successfully deploying software. Both manual test cases and automated test cases are imperative to deploying software. Why not document your manual test bed automatically using AccelaTest’s free tools?

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To determine whether your test suite is a qualification test suite, check whether the intendedForQualificationparameter is set to true. After you call the GetSuiteRunReport API operation, you can download the report from the returned URL for up to 90 seconds. If more than 90 seconds elapse from the previous time you called the GetSuiteRunReport operation, call the operation again to retrieve a new, valid URL. You can combine this with the –gtest_filter flag to further select which disabled tests to run.

definition of test suite

Once in a while you’ll run into a test whose result is hit-or-miss. Perhaps it will fail only 1% of the time, making it rather hard to reproduce the bug under a debugger. If you need to disable all tests in a test suite, you can either add DISABLED_to the front of the name of each test, or alternatively add it to the front of the test suite name. You cannot generate any failure in OnTestPartResult() (otherwise it will cause OnTestPartResult() to be called recursively).


In the glossary we gather the main specialized terms that are frequently used in the working process. All meanings are written according to their generally accepted international what is test suite interpretation. For convenience, you can use the search bar to simplify and speed up the search process. Returns the standard listener responsible for the default console output.

A Test case can be added to multiple test suites and test plans. After creating a test plan, test suites are created which in turn can have any number of tests. Occasionally, test suites are used to group similar test cases together. A system might have a smoke test suite that consists only of smoke tests or a test suite for some specific functionality in the system.

Test suites can also be helpful for these kinds of tests:

After defining your tests, you can run them with RUN_ALL_TESTS(), which returns 0 if all the tests are successful, or 1 otherwise. Note thatRUN_ALL_TESTS() runs all tests in your link unit–they can be from different test suites, or even different source files. By convention, you should give it the nameFooTest where Foo is the class being tested. The test’s result is determined by the assertions; if any assertion in the test fails (either fatally or non-fatally), or if the test crashes, the entire test fails.

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